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Heute startet das NLA-Team in die Saison 15/16. Neu dabei: Paul - der dritte Neuzugang den es vorszustellen gilt.

Hier ein kurzes Interview:

At what age did you start playing badminton?
I started playing at age 8/9 i cant really remember.

Whats your biggest success so far?
Winning Denmark International and consecutive national titles

Where do you live?
I am a nomad now so everywhere! My post goes to Edinburgh though.

Where would you like to be living in the future?
Apart from Basel obviously? hmmm, Vancouver, Scotland or somewhere Wesy coast America.

What are you doing besides playing badminton?
I have just finished a Criminology degree, I help out with a soup kitchen, coach kids.

What book do you recommend?
Difficult...i would probably say ‘Animal Farm’- George Orwell.

What do you like about basel?
I like the people and how close it is to Germany/France. I also like that the people (Remy in particular) enjoys whisky!

What animal describes you the best?
Bear- It is my nickname and i have been called this more than Paul for the last 4 years- there a various reasons as to why.

Whats your dream?
Never thought about it, if i had a dream i tnink it would become a benchmark for my happiness, instead i try to optimise the little things.