Für die kommende Saison 2014/15, haben wir drei neue Spieler verpflichten können, die beiden Engländer Harley Towler und Toby Penty, sowie Sanya Herzig die bereits früher schon erfolgreich für Uni gespielt hat.

In den kommenden Wochen, stellen wir Euch hier die einzelnen Spieler mit kurzen Interviews vor.

Heute: Toby Penty

Toby Penty klein

How old were you when you started playing badminton?
I started playing badminton at 8 years old with my brother and my dad in my local town.

What was you biggest success (private, badminton or business)?
- Swiss IC and Polish IS finalist 2012
- Helped coach some England juniors

Where do you live at the moment?
Milton Keynes

Where would you like to live sometime?
I would love to live in America for some years, possibly New York City. I like living in busy cities.

What do you do when you’re not hitting the shuttles?
I like most sports away from badminton especially football and boxing
- Play cards and also enjoy watching movies

What book do you recommend?
I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic"

By whom were you impressed the most so far?
Lin Dan

What do you know and like about Basel?
One thing I love about Basel is the Lackerli, last time I was there I won some and really liked it

What animal describes you the best?

Your dream…?
Top 10 in the world Mens singles.....and to win the swiss badminton league ;)