In Teil Zwei unserer Interviewserie steht Neuzugang Harley Towler Rede und Antwort:

Harley Towler klein

How old were you when you started playing badminton?
7 years old

What was you biggest success (private, badminton or business)?
Qualifying to the main draw of the All England, and taking a set
off World No.7 pair

Where do you live at the moment?
National Badminton Centre, Milton Keynes

Where would you like to live sometime?

What do you do when you’re not hitting the shuttles?
Play guitar and watch movies

What book do you recommend?
The Lord of the Rings

By whom were you impressed the most so far?
My favourite badminton players are Cai Yun, Fu Haifeng and Lin Dan

What do you know and like about Basel?
My favourite tennis player, Roger Federer, lives there

What animal describes you the best?

Your dream…?
Win an Olympic and World Championship medal