Luka tritt bereits die dritte Saison an für den SC Uni Basel Badminton. Der Slowene war schon dabei, als Uni Basel den Wiederaufstieg schaffte...nun will er den Meisterpokal holen.

 Luka Petric klein

How old were you when you started playing badminton?
I was 7 years old.

What was you biggest success (private, badminton or business)?
My biggest success is 11-times national champion, 1. place Austrian Bundesleague 2012, 1. place National league B 2013, 3. place National league A 2014.

Where do you live at the moment?
I live in Maribor, Slovenia.

Where would you like to live sometime?
I would like to live somewhere where is hot all year, for example Spain or Italy.

What do you do when you’re not hitting the shuttles?
When I am not hitting the shuttles, I do other sport, like running, cycling, football, volleyball, swimming. When I am tired from all that I enjoy reading a book.

What book do you recommend?
I would recommend you to read Paulo Coehlo: Alchemist.

By whom were you impressed the most so far?
I was and still am impressed the most by Roger Federer.

What do you know and like about Basel?
I know and like the Herbstmesse.

What animal describes you the best?
The animal that best describe me would be crocodile.

Your dream…?
My dream is to win the National league A with SC Uni Basel.