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SC Uni Basel 5 - BC Bustelbach 2

Teambild 2017 4Liga1

For the last match of the first half of the season we hosted the BC Bustelbach 2 which was currently in the last place in the score table. Our aim was again not only a victory but to get 3 points because we wanted to secure our position on the top of the table and start the new year with full motivation. Because I (Mehmet) was recovering from a cold infection I did not prefer to play an exhausting singles game but fortunately, Florian stepped in to play the first singles for me (Thank you Flo!).

As usual the game began with the two doubles. In HD I and Jonas won the game easily and quickly in straight two sets. For DD, the story was similar; Kathrin and Almu did not encounter with a lot of resistance. After the first two games the score was 2-0 for Uni Basel.
For singles, Raphi and Almu were next. They both did not have any trouble in winning in two straight sets.

Then, another two men singles took place. Flo won the first set easily against his young opponent: 21-6. However, he wasn’t happy with the 6 unforced errors he made in 27 rallies. In the second set, he was more focused and did only one mistake: 21-1. Jonas also easily won in straight two sets by giving away only a few points. Before the last game the score was 6-0 for Uni Basel.
In XD, Kathrin and Raphi played together. Although they did not play their best game, they still managed to win in two sets without much effort.
Finally, the score was 7-0 for Uni Basel. With that game, we secured our place on the top of the table after the first half of the season.

We are looking forward to the second half of the season starting in January against the BC Maisprach, currently being on the second place in the score table.


Bericht: Mehmet