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BC Schwarz-Weiss BS – SC Uni Basel 5

Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2018, Pfaffenholz

Teambild 2017 4Liga1

On January 24, we played our second match in 2018 against Team BC Schwarz-Weiss, which is one of the top teams in the league.

The first matches began with doubles stream. Almu and Kathrin played against Anita and Yvette, clearly, they were superior in their play and with grace; they soon lead the matches to a 2:0 victory while the opponents went awe. This brought our team the first win of the day. After the nail-biting matches in the previous matches, Anil and Jonas teamed up once again against Fabian and Martin for men’s double. The start was tense and they easily gave up the first few points. In no time, they took over the match, played consistent which led to 2:0 a win.

Almu, our women’s single champ, played against Anita. The opponent was left exhausted and with great ease Almu won 2:0 in sets.

Kathrin was a bit surprised, that we continued with the mixed before the men singles, but after she has taken off her trainer after minutes having put them on, Mehmet and she started the mixed against Stéphane and Yvette. All eyes were on Mehmet and Kathrin anticipating for the next win but without a question they played so well with ease and won straight 2:0 in sets.

The matches continued with men’s singles: Raphi (HE3), Mehmet (HE2) and Jonas (HE3) proved strong once again, played without much difficulty and made clear straight wins delivering 7:0 match wins.

In short, once again our team made a 7:0 victory reality dashing us to the top position again. :)

We already look forward to play our next match against BC Therwil.


Match Report: Anil