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On Monday 5th of February took place the second clash against BC Therwil. Our eyes were set on a 7-0 victory since, as Jonas had pointed out the day before, BC Maisprach was on an unpleasantly close second place in the scoreboard.

The doubles were played first. On one side Anil and Raphi defending for the men’s, on the other, Kathrin and Madleina for the women’s. Both couples winning their respective matches with ease and giving the team a 2-0 head start.

Next came singles. Almu playing DE, Jonas HE1, Raphi HE2 and Anil HE3. None of the games posed great difficulty and very few points were allowed to the rivals. A 6-0 now secured the win. However, it was not enough.

The final match saw Jonas and Madleina prevailing in two sets their mixed doubles, thereby concluding the night with the longed 7-0 victory.

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Straight after the games the team jumped into more training for the upcoming matches – overconfidence is not allowed!


Report: Almu